How to Check the Quality of Bone China Ceramic Tableware

As people's aesthetics improve, more and more people are choosing the delicate and lightweight bone china ceramic tableware. Certainly, you don't want to waste your precious money and time on merchandise of low quality. So, how do we determine the quality of bone china ceramic tableware? How can we know if the quality of the bone china ceramic dinnerware is good enough?  Here comes the topic: How to check the bone china ceramic tableware’s quality.

Some basic rules of daily-use ceramic products

  1. First you need to check if the product has chips, cracks or other serious quality conditions. Touch it with your hand and check whether the glaze is smooth and whether there are small dots of unevenness.
  1. You can put the bone china ceramic products in an even place to observe whether it has deformation problems.
  1. Hold the bone china ceramic products on the palm of your hand, gently knock the surface with your fingers, or knock two pieces with each other, if the sound is crisp, indicating good quality; while if it’s of dull or hoarse sound, it indicates that there is a breakage or not fired well.
  1. If the bone china ceramic is of pattern or with gold or silver, rub it hard with your finger to see if the color and gold wear off.
  1. If the tableware is with a pattern, check whether the pattern’s color, location, shape, size are the same as your requirement, whether there is a missing pattern at certain places.
  1. If the tableware is of a set, like 6 pieces of bone china ceramic tableware, we need to check each piece’s glaze color, pattern, luster, style, it should be consistent and proportionate. The color of each piece should be the same or very similar.

Generally, for the daily-use tableware products like bowls, teapots, mugs, cups, the inner side is of plain white color, for plates and saucers, the middle area is usually without any decoration either. People tend to think plain white tableware is better for people’s health. (But actually for tableware that is not white, their glazes are non-toxic and harmless!)

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