Where can I buy EUNA® Tableware?

Please be aware, that as the business grows it does mean that we are vulnerable to fake accounts claiming to sell EUNA® tableware. Therefore, to ensure you are placing a genuine order with EUNA®, only order from our website eunaliving.com as this is the only place in which you will find real and authentic EUNA® tableware.

What are your payment options?

You can pay with your paypal,Visa,Mastercard,Maestro,American Express,Discover,Diners Club.

Do you have a warranty on the glassware ?

Yes! Every EUNA® glassware comes with a limited 1-year warranty that protects it against damage to the glassware and any changes in color, clarity or brilliance.

How can I track my shipping?

We don’t send out tracking codes automatically, instead, we send shipping updates to your email and text whenever it’s been shipped or when it is close to delivery. You can reach out to us at hello@eunaliving.com if you want an update of the shipping situation. This is when we can provide a tracking code to you.

What do I do if I have not received a confirmation email?

Order confirmation emails may take up to 30 minutes to hit your inbox. Please make sure to check your spam folder, and add our email

hello@eunaliving.com to your email list to receive further order updates. If you still haven’t received your confirmation email after 30 minutes, please email us at

hello@eunaliving.com and we will get it sorted out in no time.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship our products globally. Regardless of your location, we can get your EUNA® tableware to you as soon as you order it.

What time are deliveries usually made?

Items are delivered via the local postal service usually during business hours. (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

I selected normal shipping but would love to receive my delivery faster, is it possible?

As long as your order is still in our warehouse and not yet shipped, yes, we can change it for you. Please email us immediately for us to proceed with the modification.

I want to change my order

Please be advised that for any changes in your order, you will be provided a limited window of 1 hour (60 minutes) to proceed on a new one for any modification you would like to make. For any changes in your order, please send us an email via hello@eunaliving.com so we can take care of your request immediately. Any modification or change made AFTER this timeframe will incur a service fee of $19. This is because after an hour your order is going to be directly shipped to the warehouse for final touches in preparation of your order processing and delivery. This guideline applies on the below line items:

– Changing the Item
– Changes in the billing or shipping address
– Adding Items in your order
– Changing the shipping method

After the time frame indicated above, we will be unable to cancel your order and you will need to follow our returns process policy.

Lost orders due to incorrect address will also not qualify for replacement and refund.

How can I change my address after receiving confirmation of shipping?

Under our terms & conditions, once an order has been sent out from our warehouse, any changes to the order cannot be made and is the sole responsibility of the buyer. We are sorry about this but it appears our hands are completely tied in this scenario painted.

I sent an email requesting a change in my shipping address in my order and this was confirmed as changed. However, I received an email that still has my old details. What could be the issue here?

Don’t be alarmed if you receive an email that has your old shipping address. Once you receive a confirmation email from us that your order has been changed, then have faith in us that our warehouse team has changed it for you.

How do I access further support on a challenge I have?

Our customer service team is ready to answer further questions you may have. Please email us at hello@eunaliving.com and we will resolve your challenge quickly.


I am unable to view my email correctly?

If you are unable to view an email from us correctly, please reach out to us and we will resend you another one right away!

I received a message telling me my order is not completed then I placed another order again but ended up being billed twice.

The message you received was due to your other unsuccessful order.

Please do not worry, just let us know and we will take care of the cancellation of your duplicated order for you. We will take care of the duplicate order provided that your correct order is the same in terms of the item you ordered and shipping address details.

What is your refund policy?

For refund policy, please read our refund policy

What can I do if I received a damaged item?

If you have received a damaged item, please let us know immediately so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible!

**We are not responsible for any damages caused by wear and tear. Damages caused by accidental damaging on your own before returning will not be accepted**