Beech Wood Creative Tray Oval Baking Bread Board




The three-dimensional relief texture has a romantic atmosphere belonging to literature, vivid and artistic beauty. Undulating board surface, recess for storing bread crumbs, not easy to fall off the table sweep gently after use.
The smooth side of this bread board can be used as a daily cutting board, and the three-dimensional side can be used as a tray or bread board, clever and convenient, whether for decoration, or tray cutting board are photogenic eye-catching home furnishings.
The original wood color of beech wood, with the fragrance of wood, and a gentle and clean style, wood performance is stable, good load-bearing performance, good resistance to pressure, smooth surface, soft color, the kind of wood splicing from the breadboard, between the shades of a natural breathing sense.
We make things with sincerity, and each product is produced under strict quality control and safety.


Oval: 34.5cmL x 23cmW x 2cmH
Wave: 39cmL x 15.5cmW x 2cmH
Rectangular: 40cmL x 14.8cmW x 2cmH

Use & Care

Microwave Oven, Sterilizer, Dishwasher Safe.

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