Creative Deep Smoke Ceramic Flat Plate


Size: Small


"This series is compared to the moonlight night in the mountains, which is cool and pleasant. On the dining table is another angry, calm tone, solemn without losing elegance, in the small home lights, seemingly plain, but also joyful.
The aroma of various dishes fills your home, from Western-style creative dishes to your favorite dishes, this flat plate can achieve, just imagine it, and already feel happy.
After firing at 1280 degrees Celsius, the harmful minerals have been completely removed, so you can use the food without worry.


Small: 20.5cmW x 3cmH x 380g
Large: 24cmW x 3cmH x 633g

Use & Care

Microwave Oven, Sterilizer, Dishwasher Safe.

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One Square Meter Table Aesthetics

Entertain yourself with a distinctive but harmonious dinner table aesthetic, even in a one square metres of dining table.

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