Dark Green Ceramic Coffee Cup and Saucer Set


Size: White Glaze (200ml)


The opening and closing of the mug reveals the gesture of openness and relaxation. Simple and clear, highlighting the design aesthetics. The bottom of the mug is large and the mouth of the mug is slightly convergent, so it can be opened and closed. The clever combination of function and aesthetics is an ergonomic daily use item.
Open and close the cup body hard lines and soft texture, with a very comfortable, wide and inclusive handle. Large enough capacity, high enough value to let you unconsciously ingest enough water.
Silver color process of ceramics also has the characteristics of metal silver, will gradually react with the ozone in the air over time, appear yellowing, old effect, this effect will vary with the user's habits and environmental humidity and temperature, the oxidation of the silver color dining ware as harmless to the body, but there are more rustic more with personal attributes, which is what we are seeking, with the timeline The connection formed between the user and the artifact. We want to bring a firm and gentle, handsome and cool, clear and pure, feeling of use.

Set Includes: 1 Cup + 1 Saucer


200ml: 8cmW x 5cmH Saucer: 15.5cm
300ml: 9cmW x 6.2cmH Saucer: 18cm
400ml: 9.6cmW x 7.5cmH Saucer: 18cm

Use & Care

Microwave Oven, Sterilizer, Dishwasher Safe.

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