Fire-resistant Clay Tea Stoves


Style: Elegant Tea Stoves


The surface of the pottery has a grainy feel, restoring a classical atmosphere, with the texture of coarse pottery and a delicate feel.
After repeated tests, we have tried to find carbon holes that are more suitable for the flow of air force and the effect of carbon filtration; the number of holes is well distributed to facilitate the leakage of carbon ash and good ventilation, so that the carbon fire in the stove is not easily extinguished.
The size of the stove is just right, it can be used with a variety of sizes of kettles; it can be used as a charcoal or alcohol heat source, and it can be used to extend the boiling time of the water and to keep the water hot enough to facilitate the evaporation of impurities in the water.


13.8cmL x 12.5cmH

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