Hand-made Clay Abstract Twisted Art Vase


Style: Shell Mouth


Memory is a river that runs forward, and when rubbed by the hand of time, it has a whirlpool. Swallowed superfluous and unimportant fragments, emptying the needless and lengthy clutter. Only the remaining, precious, unforgettable, profound, in the center of the memory vortex remains. All things, all temporarily, moment by moment, form not a put, under the obsession of the uninteresting system.
Let the world, rotate and change, the waves rushing, the center of the whirlpool remains, leaving a piece of its own world. The sculpture's gesture is soft and smooth, but different from the smooth streamline of modernism, the irregular curves and curves are natural art.


Shell Mouth: 15cmW x 12cmH
Harken: 11cmW x 27cmH
Warm Bosom: 11cmW x 26cmH
Soft Heart: 14cmW x 16cmH

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