Handmade Ceramic Vase


Style: A


Kaolin hand-made vase, after 1320 degrees kiln firing, smooth and delicate feel, warm glaze,
The color is as quiet as the starry sea, the overall shape of ancient charm and elegant, natural and simple.
The bottom of the fine grinding bottom and do glaze treatment, smooth and delicate, hand more comfortable, porcelain because of high temperature firing, porcelain fine kiln firm, water to raise flowers, easy to clean.
Glaze blue like the quiet sea, bring people peace, deep blue concave glaze and raised prismatic blue to form a deep and shallow color contrast, different levels of blue, more set off the bouquet color, so that the flowers look more delicate.


A: 7.2cmC x 8cmH
B: 6cmC x 13cmH

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