Handmade Clay Abstract Art Ornaments


Style: Wind Valley


In the flat and boundless expanse, the wind is a constant visitor to and from. The violent wind picks up the sand and erodes it into different forms as it travels through the rocky forest. The gentle wind often kisses the earth, and the wind-eroded curves and depressions are the hickeys. The wind-eroded pillars that stand flat in the desert are the watchers in the endless desolation and desolation. The angles are polished by the invisible hand of nature, and the gentle and soft body is the result of nature.
All the twists and turns are presented in a rounded way, but still without losing the sense of rustic frosted grains, and the smooth curves of the forms follow the guidance of natural order. Wind erosion landform is the record of wind on the surface of the earth, the craftsman kneads the history of wind into the sculpture, and the traces of wind and time carved into the sculpture is the figurative expression of the romanticization of nature.


Wind Valley: 15cmW x 29cmH
Hurricane: 18cmW x 25cmH
Listening: 15cmW x 20cmH
Haystack Hill: 20cmW x 25cmH

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