Handmade Clay Art Pendant


Style: Anger


All the thousands of different faces are freely transformed between fiction and reality. Emotions and disguises give birth to a million expressions, and subtle differences hold deep meaning. Whether the message is conveyed to the face in a straightforward manner, or is revealed after thoughtful modification, it is a choice to connect the self with the outside world.
The artisan exaggerates the expression of the face to make it interesting, and mixes vivid vitality into the serious subject, so that the texture of the space becomes fluid without losing the elegant and high class feeling. The raw material is shaped under the craftsman's fingertips, smoothing out the excess particles and softening them, but still leaving the warmth and texture of the hand.


Anger: 19cmW x 30cmH
Amazing: 16cmW x 30cmH
Silence: 16cmW x 35cmH

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