Handmade Coral Series Art Ornaments


Style: Sea Words


It is a gentle tentacle of the sea, a colorful maze of fish. The coral consists of thousands of coral polyps as a whole, but possesses the destiny of being misunderstood as a plant. They are small and compact, quiet and introverted. Being connected by this, narrowing the distance between things, is the imaginative embodiment of the intimate qualities of wabi-sabi.
The soft and smooth body form is the candid expression of nature. It resembles the spirit of water and the ethereal wind, and follows the trajectory of infinite possibilities of growth. It is the result of the unexpected and the presentation of chance. Every moment of life is worthy of praise.
The clay is shaped by the hand of the craftsman, coming from nothing and going to the form. Each curve of the turn is considered the proportion and scale of light and shadow, meticulously polished in the silent passage of time, leaving a rustic frosted granularity after the dust is dispersed.


Sea Words: 18cmW x 30cmH
Whirlpool: 24cmW x 30cmH
Feather Fern: 19cmW x 29cmH

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