Handmade Scandinavian Style Minimalist Wall Decorations


Style: Cocoon Queen


Wrapping the hollow core with tenderness and delicacy is the remaining temperature after the cocoon is broken into a butterfly. In order to run to a more splendid life track, the rebirth after struggling within the chrysalis shell, fade off and down for the testimony of the soft power. To fly, the chrysalis first closes itself and then breaks the cocoon. Let the limited length of life write beautiful meaning.
The angles are polished by the invisible hand of nature, and the gentle and supple body is the natural result. All the twists and turns are presented in a rounded way, but still without losing the sense of rustic frosted grains, and the smooth curve of the form is the presentation of the power of softness. The undulating flow is as natural as the curve of the body, the open structure disperses endless possibilities, and the gentle and elegant temperament fills every gap between the clay, showing the journey of rebirth in the water-like flow of softness.


13cmW x 18cmH

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