Handmade Twisted Art Vase


Style: Still


The tide of people is wrapped into the gears of time, moving at a fast pace in the direction of trends. We need some moments to stop and look at the environment we are in at the moment. We don't need to keep our heads up all the time, we don't need to pretend to be the water rushing in the waves, we need to take off our hard armor once in a while and become a soft and stopping little self.
The hard, icy corners are removed from the soft, soft and gentle body is the pendulum posture. All the twists and turns are presented in a rounded manner, and the smooth curves and partial folds of the form are the natural state of the carapace in accordance with the mental image. The rich color concentration is removed, and the pure material color is restored.


Still: 19cmW x 30cmH
Rest: 18cmW x 23cmH

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