Manual Squeeze Juice Extractor


Style: Manual Juice Extractor


Every day a cup of freshly squeezed juice, vitality full of good life. This manual juicer, with a larger and deeper pressure groove, juicing more thoroughly. Four simple steps, easy to squeeze juice, a flush is clean, clean no dead ends. Pomegranate, lemon, grapefruit and grapefruit can be juiced.
Aluminum alloy is a general term for aluminum-based alloys. Maintain the advantages of pure aluminum such as light weight, but also has a high strength, with good electrical and thermal conductivity. Lightweight and durable, not easy to rust.
Designers through the simple, smooth lines, through the display of objects into the art of people's daily life, so that people living in the busy modern society back to nature, feel the beauty and tranquility of life.



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One Square Meter Table Aesthetics

Entertain yourself with a distinctive but harmonious dinner table aesthetic, even in a one square metres of dining table.

Dining Table Aesthetics

The cornerstones of EUNA design are timeless aesthetics for dinner table,

high quality and functionality.

Every tableware design will stand the test of time.

Determined to Quality Management

Each piece of EUNA cutlery is hand crafted ingeniously;undergoes various strict quality control, just for constantly striving for excellence.

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EUNA owns the unique mastery of color and functionality -- creating only elegant tableware that you can't stop wanting.