Mini Cast Iron Pot


Style: 10cm Iron Pot


Forged with good pig iron, hand polished to replenish a small amount of iron during cooking and to reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables and stimulate deep nutrition of ingredients.
Compared with the so-called non-smoking and non-stick pans, cast iron pans have a unique non-coating body that fundamentally reduces the harmful effects of chemical coatings and aluminum products on the human body, allowing families to enjoy healthy food without destroying the nutritional content of the dishes.
Through the simple and smooth lines, the designers integrate art into people's daily life through the display of objects, allowing people living in the busy modern society to return to nature and feel the beauty and tranquility of life.


10cm Iron Pot: 10cmW x 3cmH
15cm Iron Pot: 15cmW x 3cmH

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