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Style: Cup


A new collection from EUNA, with a rustic texture that strikes a good balance between stillness and movement, while absorbing the material's understanding of texture. This tableware is like Manjusar, a reverent and passionate bloom, a rich crimson, a deep dark green, an unpredictable charm that blooms on the table, meeting you in a deep passion.
The tableware, with its vintage flavour, is a rich variety of shapes, from small tea cups and rice bowls to large flat plates and tall dishes, to suit all kinds of dishes.
The staining on the surface of the bowls and plates is a mixture of wandering and intoxication, a passionate love for the vessel, and the ice-cracking process on the surface of the plates, which does not penetrate, with irregular layers of fine fragments, is artistically attractive.
The dish is finished in a brilliant Lang red glaze with a strong glassy sheen, while the outer rim of the dish is glazed in green gold sand, a vintage clash of red and green for added charm.
After firing at 1,280 degrees Celsius, the minerals have been completely removed and the food is safe to use.


Cup: 7.5cmL x 7.5cmH x 152g x 170ml
Rice Bowl: 11.5cmL x 5cmH x 237g x 220ml
Bowl Mouth Flat Plate: 21cmL x 2.5cmH x 514g x 200ml
Dish Bowl: 18.5cmL x 9cmH x 577g x 400ml
Flat Plate: 20cmL x 3.5cmH x 658g x 400ml
Dessert Plate: 13cmL x 9cmH x 496g x 340ml

Use & Care

Microwave, Dishwasher, Steriliser, Steamer safe

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One Square Meter Table Aesthetics

Entertain yourself with a distinctive but harmonious dinner table aesthetic, even in a one square metres of dining table.

Dining Table Aesthetics

The cornerstones of EUNA design are timeless aesthetics for dinner table,

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Every tableware design will stand the test of time.

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Each piece of EUNA cutlery is hand crafted ingeniously;undergoes various strict quality control, just for constantly striving for excellence.

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