Rectangular Baking Dish With Two Ears




This tableware has a charming colour scheme, mainly in the rustic American style, which is very suitable for housewives, both for the practicality of the shape and for the variety of options.
The new quadrilateral baking tray is designed for toast baking and can also be used for baking rice, so you can enjoy a wide range of baked goods.
The square shape, with its hollowed out double ear handles, adds a touch of lightness and gives more freedom and flexibility to your hands, so it's easy to fall in love with the kitchen.
After firing at 1230 degrees Celsius, the minerals and harmful substances have been completely removed, so food can be used without worry.


31.5cmL x 13cmW x 8cmH x 1526.4g x 1320ml

Use & Care

31.5cmL x 13cmW x 8cmH x 1526.4g x 1320ml

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One Square Meter Table Aesthetics

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