Reinforced Porcelain Salad Bowl With Two Ears


Style: Amphora Bowl


The plain white base, without overly complicated lines and elements, presents the ingredients in a variety of colors, which is an unexpected surprise. Simple with its embellishment, will also become very unique, clean and comfortable, everything is just right.
Single amphora bowl, appropriate capacity, used as a yogurt bowl, salad bowl are also good, delicate control of the amount of grasp, exquisite living ware is not compromised.
Whether the two ends of the double ear, or a single handle shape, different flavor, easy to take the end, fun and dynamic, full of personality, the weight of the bowl, the use of texture is considerable.
After firing at 1280 degrees Celsius, the harmful substances such as lead and chromium in the minerals have been precipitated out, so you can use it without worrying about contact with food.


Amphora Bowl: 17.8cmW x 4.7cmH x 400ml x 388g
Single Ear Bowl: 14.5cmW x 5cmH x 330ml x 335g

Use & Care

Microwave Oven, Sterilizer, Dishwasher Safe.

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