Rough Ceramic Vintage Oval Fish Dish




With a taste of the old hidden in the alleyways, the vintage flavour is interpreted in a coarse earthenware material, with red earthenware clay and pockmarked glaze, interesting and intriguing, allowing people in the modern city to enjoy their food and feel a touch of peace at the same time.
The new fish plate, 31.5cm in length, is an alternative to the fish plate and can be used with other dishes in the same collection.
The oval shape of the fish plate, with its lace pattern and three-dimensional texture, is a simple and distinctive shape that brings out the flavour of the ingredients.
After firing at 1230 degrees Celsius, the minerals have been completely removed and the food is safe to use.


31.5cmL x 21cmW x 3.5cmH x 903g x 230ml

Use & Care

Microwave, Dishwasher, Steriliser and Steamer safe.

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