Scandinavian Style Minimalist Glass Vase


Style: A


Classic eternal casting, the choice of craftsmanship, transparent glass texture to restore the original color, handmade knife pattern carries the soul of craftsmanship. The bottle is smooth and transparent, delicate texture, fresh temperament out. The material is sufficient, the bottom is thick.Give a better texture, more stable placement.
Innovative vertical stripe design of the bottle, clear and clean, fine touch texture excellent. The lines are smooth and graceful, the pavilion posture, there is a kind of out of the mud and pure innocence. The crystal clear artificially blown glass makes the flower more alive and makes life more stylish.

Special glass material with high light transmittance and high chemical stability.


A: 6cmL x 12.7cmH x 250g
B: 7cmL x 14.3cmH x 340g
C: 4.5cmL x 20cmH x 420g
D: 5cmL x 23cmH x 520g
E: 4cmL x 11cmH x 290g
F: 5cmL x 13cmH x 570g
G: 4cmL x 13cmH x 290g
H: 5cmL x 16cmH x 570g

Use & Care

1. Please use soft cloth to clean, do not use abrasive powder or metal brushes to avoid abrasion marks.Peal glass material, the general degree of heat resistance, please do not put boiling water, sudden cold and sudden heat prone to burst, pour a small amount of hot water before pouring preheating, to prevent the temperature difference is too large to produce burst.

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