Silicone Avocado Colored Kitchenware


Style: Secret Shovel


Fresh avocado green, colorful texture outstanding, beautiful and practical.
The use of mother and child grade platinum silicone, can be directly in contact with food
Safe, non-toxic and odorless, use more peace of mind. Normal use can withstand a high temperature of about 100 °. Even the instant high temperature of 230 ° is not easy to deformation, heat resistance is good.
Non-stick good partner, not easy to deformation does not roll the edge, closely fit the surface of the pan, stir-fry does not hurt the pan. The original wooden handle is comfortable to grip, and the drilled design can be placed in a bucket for storage or hung for storage.
Cooking the right cookware, cooking enthusiasm will be different - the same set of avocado green silicone spoon shovel, fresh color looks good and good soft silicone, careful care of pots and pans, safe and non-toxic contains a variety of utensils, frying, scooping soup and noodles, a lot of uses.


Secret Shovel: 9cmW x 35cmH
Leaky Shovel: 9cmW x 35cmH
Soup Ladle: 9cmW x 33cmH
Fishing Away: 9cmW x 33cmH
Cookware Tube: 12.1cmW x 14.5cmH

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