Solid Wood Mushroom Toothpick Tube


Style: Mushroom Toothpick Tube


Beech wood light yellow or light red, beech wood has beautiful grain and wood rays, but no luster; clear grain, fine and uniform structure, soft and smooth tone. The wood is heavy, sturdy, impact resistant, easy to bend under steam, and can be made into shapes with good nailing performance. Beech wood itself has the characteristics of "noble" wood.
The sapwood of walnut is creamy white and the heartwood ranges from light brown to dark chocolate, with occasional purple and darker streaks. The grain is generally straight, but sometimes wavy or curly, creating a pleasing decorative pattern. The material is hard, fine and uniform. The grain is mostly black, with stripes, naturally scattered and not easily cracked.


6.5cmW x 9.2cmH

Use & Care

1. Wooden products in use to avoid immersion or exposure to the sun, to prevent deformation, discoloration, cracking.
2. Do not use bleach when cleaning wooden dining sets, do not use wire brushes and other hard tools. After cleaning should be dried in time, put in a ventilated place to wait for natural drying, do not use microwave ovens, dishwashers, ovens, sterilizers.
3. wood due to the external environment and different methods of daily use, will produce deformation and cracking phenomenon, you can use olive oil or walnut oil maintenance. Use a cotton cloth to slowly wipe the oil into the wood fibers. If the wood product looks gray and burrs, use sandpaper to simply sand and then apply oil to maintain.

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