Stainless Steel Metal Silver Fine Handle Knife And Fork Set


Style: Main Dining Knife


This is a knife and fork series known for its lines, especially the design of the handle, the curves of the curved moon flowing, delicate and elegant and stretching, rounded feel and refraction of the mirror shine is pleasant, - the slim appearance of the body molding with a safe round head design, ergonomic.
1050 ° nitrogen oxygen-free furnace calcination, heat treatment, hardness to 50HR (Rockwell hardness-HR), the edge like autumn frost, sharp open edge.
Italy FRUC OSOL polishing machine fully automatic polishing, clean as a mirror, exquisite technology, comfortable grip.


Main Table Knife: 22.5cmL x 66g
Main Table Fork: 21cmL x 39g
Main Table Spoon: 20cmL x 53g
Dessert Spoon: 17.5cmL x 44g

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One Square Meter Table Aesthetics

Entertain yourself with a distinctive but harmonious dinner table aesthetic, even in a one square metres of dining table.

Dining Table Aesthetics

The cornerstones of EUNA design are timeless aesthetics for dinner table,

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Determined to Quality Management

Each piece of EUNA cutlery is hand crafted ingeniously;undergoes various strict quality control, just for constantly striving for excellence.

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