Stainless Steel Outdoor Coffee Folding Filter Cup


Style: Outdoor Folding Filter Cup


Why not try to escape the city and feel the camping coffee. Take the mountains as your friend and the water as your neighbor. Try a plate of pastry and sip a cup of coffee on a sunny day. Small and portable, no need to disassemble and install, good for outdoor travel. The filter cup is rounded and polished without cutting your hand, professional quality starts from the details.


8.5cmW x 10cmH x 136g

Use & Care

1. In case of stubborn stains, soak in hot water, add detergent and clean with a flexible sponge, do not use hard objects such as metal cleaning balls to scrub.
Peal to avoid the air in a humid place, the surface to keep clean and dry, if you want to clean, take care not to soak for a long time, wash and dry with a cloth to prevent rust.
3. Do not use hard objects when cleaning, so as not to cause surface scratching.

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