Stainless Steel Serving Spoon


Style: Meal Portioning Spoons


Spoon handle smooth burr-free, comfortable grip does not hurt the hand, the spoon head one forging molding, smooth lines without welding assured entry. Mirror polishing, the process of light can be seen, feel delicate, easy to clean without hiding dirt, high quality from the pursuit of not settling.
Modern texture of 304 stainless steel embedded in a beautiful shark's fin wood, the tacit understanding of the ladle scoop and funnel to pick up, so that the meal with dishes also becomes an elegant and cantankerous thing.


21.2cmL x 5.2cmW x 49g

Use & Care

1. In case of stubborn stains, hot water can be used after soaking, add detergent, clean with a flexible sponge, do not use hard objects such as metal cleaning ball scrubbing.
2. Do not use for open fire, try not to hot and cold unevenly, so as not to ruin.
3. Wooden products should not be placed in the sun for a long time to avoid cracking and deformation, and should not be placed in a dark and humid place for a long time to avoid mildew.

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