Vintage 304 Stainless Steel Outdoor Coffee Pot


Style: Coffee Pot


Retro industrial style hand brewed coffee pot, the new upgrade hand brewed coffee pot, strength and value coexist 90 ° right angle control flow, water flow size free control of the wooden handle + spout design, the water is even and stable, accompanied by you to brew the ideal coffee.
304 stainless steel hand brewed coffee pot, retro processing of stainless steel, emitting a simple and cool texture. 90 ° spout curve design, smooth water, water break freely, easy to control the amount of water. No selection of stove, induction, cassette, gas, electric pottery stove are suitable. Stainless steel with solid wood, solid wood handle and lid top, anti-scald and heat insulation.


9cmW x 17cmH x 600ml x 350g

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