Wide Rim Ceramic Flat Plate


Style: Flat Plate


The simple flat plate shape is more suitable for pasta or creative dishes, a good-looking plate, even if the mediocre cooking can be a very good point, improve the sense of happiness. Embossed design with stone pattern, matte frosted texture, the entire body of the plate through the three-dimensional sense of touch. From the appearance of the form, the connotation of the underlying, the art of rendering power penetration. After a plain firing at 800 degrees Celsius and a glaze firing at 1310 degrees Celsius, the harmful substances such as lead and chromium in the minerals have been precipitated out, so you can use it without worrying about contact with food.


27cmW x 2cmH x 713g

Use & Care

Microwave Oven, Sterilizer, Dishwasher Safe.

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