Coarse Pottery Coffee Spoon


Style: Coffee Spoon


Those old, vintage small things, always decorate the life of the moment after the temperature of the ages, a small coffee spoon, can be used with the family's usual coffee cups, mugs, chic style, good-looking and practical.
Vintage rough pottery, very suitable for the performance of the old style, the sense of grain brought to the touch of the fingers, unforgettable.
The straight-handled coffee spoon, medium length, can be used with common coffee cups and mugs for stirring, etc., are very suitable.
Soft gray tones, in terms of matching easily into the table, home environment, never tire of looking.
After firing at 1290 degrees Celsius, lead, chromium and other harmful substances in the minerals have been precipitated out of contact with food as much as possible without fear.


13.8cmL x 3cmW

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