Coffee Filter Cup Sharing Pot Brewing Tool Set


Style: Coffee Pot Set 400ml


Thin and transparent high borosilicate glass, heat-resistant and explosion-proof.
Clear scale, easy to grasp the capacity, double-layer filter, fine filtration, V-shaped spout design, smooth water discharge, water break sharp.
Thin and transparent, high temperature resistance and about 150 degrees, instant temperature difference, direct pouring of boiling water is not afraid, can be used with confidence.
The outer layer of 304 stainless steel, the inner layer of fine filter, internal and external cooperation, more delicate filtration. Ergonomically designed handle grip comfortably, heat insulation is not hot hands.
Soda lime glass has good see-through and light-transmitting properties. It has high chemical stability and is usually resistant to acid and alkali salts and chemical reagents and gases.
Through simple and smooth lines, designers integrate art into people's daily life through the display of objects, allowing people living in the busy modern society to return to nature and feel the beauty and tranquility of life.


Hand Brewed Coffee Pot: 19cmW x 11cmH x 350ml x 230g
Small Glass Filter Pot: 11cmW x 14cmH x 400ml x 260g
Large Glass Filter Pot: 12cmW x 15.5cmH x 500ml x 280g

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