Double Iron Water Filter Rack


Style: Iron Water Filter Rack


Layered placement, breathable and dry, not stacked without bumping, storage more at ease. Simple tableware draining rack, so that the tableware dry and placed, double-layer placement design, storage more flexible. Removable water tray, timely drainage, to create a dry and hygienic kitchen environment. Solid wood handle design, convenient to pick up, thickened steel frame solid load-bearing, peace of mind to place dishes and dishes. Iron has a strong ductility and plasticity, can be forged into a variety of shapes, to meet the needs of various spaces.


43.5cmL x 26cmW x 33cmH x 3100g

Use & Care

1. Please place evenly when using, so as not to tilt and deform the product due to bias.
2. Avoid contact with strong acid and alkali corrosive liquid, avoid long time contact with heat source, avoid long-term placement in humid environment.
3. Please do not use decontamination powder, wire balls and other rough cleaning tools to avoid scratching the surface of the product, sponge or soft towel with neutral detergent cleaning.

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