Graduated Glass Oil Pot


Style: A


This group of simple and generous graduated oil pot, precise control of the amount of oil, hand-blown lines smooth and elegant. Stainless steel lid sealing, spout design oil smooth, oil break sharp different specifications can be selected, very suitable for modern bright home style. Upgrade the oil spout for the eagle beak design, extended arc, smooth oil, oil break sharp, do not worry about dripping oil dirty countertop. Permeable high borosilicate glass material, you can observe the situation inside the pot, hardness upgrade more durable.
We use high borosilicate glass, also known as hard glass, it is a low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmission and high chemical stability of the glass material. High temperature resistance is its main feature, can withstand sudden temperature changes from -20°C to 150°C, even if put into ice and then injected into the hot water is not easy to blow up.


A: 15.3cmW x 20.3cmH x 700ml x 307g
B: 15.3cmW x 20.3cmH x 700ml x 307g
C: 8.9cmW x 20.9cmH x 750ml x 360g
D: 8.9cmW x 20.9cmH x 750ml x 360g

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