Hand-crank Cocktail Mixer Set


Style: Bartending Five-piece Set


At home, you can also enjoy the fun of bartending together with the encounter of micro-brewed taste, after a busy work for their own elegant mix - a glass of wine, feel a moment of leisure and micro-brewed, how to shake without missing the wine shake-down, enjoy the ice, use it at home to make iced coffee, cocktails, etc., can be said to be convenient and moody.
Stainless steel is the abbreviation of stainless acid-resistant steel, resistant to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media or stainless steel to become stainless steel and will be resistant to chemical media corrosion (acid, alkali salt and other chemical leaching) of steel to become acid-resistant steel.
Through simple and smooth lines, designers integrate art into people's daily life through the display of objects, allowing people living in the busy modern society to return to nature and feel the beauty and tranquility of life.


Wine Mixer: 8.5cmW x 21.3cmH x 550ml
Measuring Cups: 4.1cmW x 7cmH x 15/30ml
Clamp: 13cmL x 1.5cmW
Crushed Ice Sticks: 20.3cmL x 3.5cmW
Long Spoon: 32.4cmL

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