Hand-made Scandinavian Style Pumpkin Art Ornaments


Style: Pumpkin


Seeds grow quietly beneath the surface of the earth, a record of reincarnation from ground breaking to fruitfulness. Labor accumulates in the flow of years and months, breeding the fruits of autumn. Climbing vines on the brackets draped with different forms of tired fruit, rushing past the wind tainted with the fragrance of maturity. Time and raw energy are coalesced into sculptures, presenting the joy of harvest in the form of art. The color of the earth, which accommodates all things, melts into a variety of stylistic environments.
The rustic nude color presents a natural temperament, a calm and elegant presence, and becomes a natural part of the space. The soft and smooth body form is the natural and frank Maida. As if shaped by the rain and kneaded by the wind, it grows into the original and natural form, with all the curves and patterns, following the guidance of natural order.


Pumpkin: 13cmW x 23cmH
Maltose: 15cmW x 28cmH
Jaggery: 13cmW x 22cmH
persimmon: 13cmW x 11cmH

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