Handmade Thickened Round Glass Cup Holder


Style: Round


A handcrafted cup holder, like ice in condensed water, simple and easy to match. Durable and easy to clean and maintain; simple and easy to use, it can be matched with various materials of cups, easy to manage, easy to match and good to use; like the texture of ice crystal, a tea tray that fits in your hand, feel the cold material in your hand, comfortable and beautiful atmosphere.
EUNA's production, we are sincere in our work, we use the best materials, and we are constantly looking for changes in our approach to our objects.


8cmL x 1cmH

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One Square Meter Table Aesthetics

Entertain yourself with a distinctive but harmonious dinner table aesthetic, even in a one square metres of dining table.

Dining Table Aesthetics

The cornerstones of EUNA design are timeless aesthetics for dinner table,

high quality and functionality.

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Determined to Quality Management

Each piece of EUNA cutlery is hand crafted ingeniously;undergoes various strict quality control, just for constantly striving for excellence.

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