Handmade Vintage Art Ornaments


Style: Blossom


The new green senses the call of spring, brewing a natural journey of life, vines grow in enthusiasm, flowers like stars dotted in the branches. The tentacle-like tendrils stretch out, containing a whole season of energy waiting to happen, carving the journey of time and life into sculpture, is a figurative expression of the romanticization of nature.
The angles are polished by the invisible hand of nature, and the gentle and supple body is the result of nature. All the twists and turns are presented in a rounded way, but still without losing the rustic frosted graininess, and the smooth curves of the forms follow the guidance of natural order. The plant's healing energy and vitality are developed in the growing journey of the four seasons, soothing people's wrinkled emotions with a soft and smooth visual sensation.


Blossom: 21cmW x 25cmH
Fruit: 8cmW x 31cmH
Vine: 15cmW x 30cmH
Sprout: 20cmW x 30cmH

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