Italian Olive Wood Breadboard


Style: A


Olive wood has a brilliant color, warm and soft, clear texture personality, touch the oil and texture, let people touch. It can be used to cut fruits, cheese, bread and deli food, and can be used as a tray directly after cutting, which is very magnificent and eye-catching.
The simple atmosphere of the bread board, thickened materials, more emphasis on the texture, suitable for sashimi, desserts and other placement and display. Fine grinding, warm and comfortable feel, also suitable for multi-scene use, to show the literary home.
Thickened breadboard with a hole handle design, can be used for hanging storage, flat double-sided, can be used for both positive and negative, whether for decoration, or tray breadboard, are photogenic eye-catching home furnishings.


A: 25cmL x 13cmW x 2.2cmH
B: 24.5cmL x 14.5cmW x 1.8cmH
C: 33.5cmL x 13cmW x 1cmH
D: 44cmL x 20cmW x 2cmH
E: 38cmL x 18cmW x 2cmH
F: 25cmL x 15cmW x 1cmH
G: 40cmL x 18cmW x 1.4cmH
H: 40cmL x 23cmW x 1.5cmH
I: 40cmL x 23cmW x 1.5cmH

Use & Care

1. Solid wood products should be away from heat sources, avoid direct sunlight, prevent exposure to the sun to avoid cracking.
2. Please keep the surface of the wood products dry after use to extend the service life.
3. Prohibit scrubbing with wire balls and other hard objects to avoid scratching the surface.

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