North American Black Walnut Breadboard


Style: A


Taken from North American black walnut wood, good dimensional stability, natural and simple, not easy to deformation, more easy to anti-corrosion, anti-slip, insect-resistant.
Selected natural black walnut, polished warm and soft, full color, natural pattern, good molding effect, with the atmosphere of nature, after hand polishing, smooth workmanship, smooth feel, pleasing to the eye.


A: 33cmL x 17.5cmW x 2cmH
B: 52cmL x 18cmW x 2cmH
C: 44cmL x 20.5cmW x 2cmH
D: 49cmL x 24cmW x 2cmH

Use & Care

1. Solid wood products should be away from heat sources, avoid direct sunlight, prevent exposure to the sun to avoid cracking.
2. Please keep the surface of the wood products dry after use to extend the service life.
3. Prohibit scrubbing with wire balls and other hard objects to avoid scratching the surface.

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