Reinforced Porcelain Soup Plate


Style: Straw Hat Plate


Half of life is a memory, half is to continue, pure white, warm, in the continuous life play an indispensable aspect of the table - a kind of style, is our love of life, love the kitchen, love the embodiment of all this, warmly love, seriously live.
Two different plate types, straw hat plate and soup bowl are available, simple shape, with Western dishes more romantic charm, for the dining experience to bring more beautiful. The wide-rimmed shape makes it easy to carry and at the same time, it can be used as decoration on the plate. Greatly meet your imagination in the kitchen, can't get enough of it. After firing at 1280 degrees Celsius, the harmful minerals have been completely precipitated out, so the food can be used without worry.


Straw Hat Plate: 24cmW x 6cmH x 230ml x 699g
Tall Soup Bowl: 21cmW x 6.5cmH x 450ml x 629g

Use & Care

Microwave Oven, Sterilizer, Dishwasher Safe.

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