Rough Pottery Small Vase


Style: A


Kiln glaze, as the name implies, is an unexpected glaze effect that occurs during the firing process of the object. Because the kiln contains a variety of coloring elements, by oxidation or reduction, porcelain may present an unexpected glaze effect after the kiln. Because of the kiln glaze appears out of chance, the form of special, people do not know its principle, only know in the kiln firing process changes, it is called "kiln glaze", the proverbial "kiln change without double", is to refer to the unpredictable changes in the kiln glaze.
Rough pottery products through a special process kiln firing 1300 ° high temperature, the surface of the product will leave flame firing flow traces and high temperature burst point, the surface of the uneven is not a defect, this is the characteristics of rough pottery kiln firing.


A: 8cmL x 8cmW x 8cmH
B: 17.5cmL x 3.5cmW x 6.5cmH
C: 9cmW x 3.6cmH
D: 2cmW x 9cmH
E: 4cmW x 10cmH
F: 4.8cmW x 15.5cmH
G: 2.3cmW x 15.5cmH

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