Scandinavian Style Wooden Pallet


Style: Round Splice Pallets


This tray with four colors, the classic earth tones of the whole 32 blocks, due to the number of too much, the process to take the division and then color is still a test of the master's craft, a little carelessness, the uneven color compared to ordinary trays, such a color clash looks vivid and interesting and special.


Hexagonal Tray: 29cmW x 3cmH
Round Splice Pallets: 30cmW x 2.8cmH

Use & Care

1. Solid wood products should be away from heat sources, avoid direct sunlight, prevent exposure to the sun to avoid cracking.
2. Please keep the surface of the wood products dry after use to extend the service life.
3. Prohibit scrubbing with wire balls and other hard objects to avoid scratching the surface.

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