Walnut Stainless Steel Fork Spoon


Style: Spoon And Fork


This fork and spoon set with faux wood handle and walnut grain is elegant and restrained, made of thick ABS material, with a rich and warm grip, enjoying a warm experience. Sandwich design, handle feel rounded, walnut texture elegant and durable, the value is not bad, easy to integrate into a variety of environments.
304 stainless steel, can be safe contact with food, high temperature resistance, more hard, and corrosion-resistant wear-resistant, visual sensory is also a guarantee of quality.
14cm fruit spoon and 15cm fruit fork, suitable for afternoon tea dessert, cake, sweet water, fruit, multi-scope use, better integration into the table environment. A good mood from the delicate little things to start.
Quality selection of 304 stainless steel, contact with food can be used with peace of mind.


Fork: 15cmL x 2cmW
Spoon: 14cmL x 3cmW

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